Marketing vs Growth

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I am wondering if you have similar experience, where people confuse marketing & Growth tactics ? few time, I had to clarify the difference and explain why & where to use them both ! Growth is part of marketing and it is mostly used to test new tactics to engage your audiences and make them react !


Jonathan Garreis
Encounters us again and again too! Especially with our launch of today, people have repeatedly asked us about the strategy!
Nicoleta D
Yasmina, it's a good question. I believe that there are 3 important levels when it comes to growth ("the process of increasing in size" > number of employees, MRR, ARR, market share etc.). 1. Strategic level - your business strategy for growth 2. Tactical level - your big business "moves": diversification, acquisition of other companies, market expansion etc. 3. Operational level - your daily operations for reaching your goals: marketing & sales. Ex. From $0 - $1M ARR in 12 months, using marketing & sales funnels. Conclusion: growth is the process of increasing the business size, using operations like marketing & sales.