How do you get more creative & innovative ?

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I used to go to work and by taking the public transport & meeting people, coffee breaks , I used to get some ideas and bounce them back !! since the remote working and the changes happening , I go out less and maybe meet less people , and virtual meeting are not very effective in helping me ! would love to hear your POV and your tips ?


Talking to people and listening to interesting broadcasts on various topics, not only professional. It is certainly inspiring :)
@w_j thanks for sharing, sure opening to other industries and new people is always beneficial
Gurpinder Singh
Go for morning/evening walk everyday to freshen up your mind. Watch documentaries related to your industry to get some inspirations. Listen to new genres of music besides your playlists.
@gurpinder_singh thanks for the tips! I am not a big fan of walks :) but watching doc related to industries are good to learn and grasp some new ideas for sure !! and when you work in a new industry hard to find any doc that is produced yet!
Vaibhav Taneja
To be creative and innovative you require a lot of thinking processes so your mind needs to be fresh and awake for a lot of thought processes here. I freshen up my mind by doing workouts and watching some good and informative series. Also, I Explore some great channels on youtube and Instagram for thinking creatively.
@vaibhav_taneja lucky you !! I am more of lazy bone so ... but I like the idea exploring new channels and source of information to brush off your knowledge