Makers, what's your favourite project management & collaboration tools for remote working?

Elysha Tonge
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Team-work with trello? Note-taking with notion? We mostly use notion - although some team members find it a bit of a beast and drift back to google sheets. I'd love to know what makers are using and why - share below!


Google Sheets and Google Docs for everything - personal and professional. Love the simplicity. For writing something long, I draft in Medium and copy-paste to wherever it needs to go - I love the interface.
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Slack, ClickUp/Trello, TimeDoctor, Zoom, Gmail
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I love a bit of Notion for long, text-heavy document (purely because of its awesome formatting features), yet I still find myself gravitating to Google sheets for project management!
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We use Asana to keep a track of activities. For collaboration, we mostly rely on Hangouts for messaging, Google Meet for meetings, and our own tool Vmaker for all the asynchronous communication.
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We use Clubhouse for tracking tickets at Organisely and we couldn't ask for more
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You can try for chatting, calling and project management
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Notion and Google Sheets for the win, without a doubt!
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For us, ProProfs Project ( has been the ultimate savior during this COVID era for remote working. The tool got us covered on different fronts from basic project planning and tracking to real-time collaboration & communication over task comments. My team members liked the interface and navigation of this tool. We are able to efficiently manage ever-changing project requirements with ease to date using it.
Hi Elysha! If you're looking for a task manager that combines team collaboration and is great for async remote work then highly recommend and they're live on Product Hunt today :)
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Hey @elysha_cmt ! I work for a company named oVice and we design and provide access to virtual spaces for users to customize and make their own! They have the ability to interact with their peers in real time and really optimize teamwork and collaboration via our various plug-in tools and features, to give remote workers that "office feel." You can check us out at to have a look around and see how it works!