Is it worth investing budget on trendy social media (i.e. TikTok) or sticking to what works?

Elysha Tonge
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TikTok doesn’t work for everyone, but when it does - it can bring in some awesome results. The recently gone viral Little Moons comes to mind, and we spoke to Little Moons Marketing Director Ross Farquhar about their early success, check it out here. So, is it worth investing budget in trending social media such as tiktok, or is Little moon’s success just luck?


Richard Fang
Anything trending has somewhat of luck attached. You can't predict it even if you have a strategy. Imo sticking to what works is always best (look at how Slack grew as an example, Butterfield used traditional media and PR) but always have a bit of budget to test around some more off the road tactics
Elysha Tonge
@richardfliu I agree. I think successful marketing often needs the foundation of tried and tested tactics (bringing in a steady flow of leads) - with room for experimentation on the side.
Nico Spijker
It definitely depends on your product/service as well. I can definitely see TikTok being a good match for some trendier products or products that have a focus on Gen Z. If this isn't your focus though I think the time and effort could be better spent on other platforms.
Elysha Tonge
What I find interesting about this particular case is the price point of Little Moons would push it into the premium/luxury ice cream market, and yet Gen Z are all over it (more than likely due to its novelty factor)