A year on from the start of COVID-19 pandemic. How did you adapt?

Elysha Tonge
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Whilst we adapted to our new reality with zoom birthdays and lockdown walks, businesses struggled to connect with customers with completely different wants and needs than pre-covid. Some brands thrived in the face of adversity (Gymshark’s monumental achievement of hitting $1.3 billion valuation despite unearthing a worrying insight), but a lot more did not. If your brand managed to survive 2020: What did you learn (personally and professionally)? How did your company adapt?


Slava Bobrov
We lived in tribes, then we formed countries. We developed different communication channels from paper letters to Internet and social networks. The communication becomes faster and faster. It takes one phone call, one notification to reach a person on the other side of the world... In 2020 the communication capacity and speed dramatically increased, "rewarding" and reinforcing any digital connection and "punishing" any physical one. Why? Because digitally we can connect with much more people much faster. So I learned that every business that will take this opportunity and will bring more benefits to our global network of people, will thrive.
Kanan Tandi
We started our start up during the pandemic. For me professionally, it has been a wonderful year. Learnt to value my time. Got way more time to read. Personally, I learnt the value of family and why one shouldn't be alone. We got to work on many more metrics for our emotion detection platform because we stayed home.
Elysha Tonge
@kanan_tandi Baptism by fire starting up in a pandemic! I think a lot of us personally and professionally are putting more value in a work and life balance that is sustainable
Eric Bae
A definitely a year to remember - good or bad. I set out to launch my project Newsy - https://www.newsy.co (a tool for turning your unused domains into monetized assets!) and the goal was to monetize (something that I'd failed previously). It's been a slog while juggling many things, but my project is still continuing with real paying users!
The pandemic is testing the stability and variability of our business. We could have done a proper reorganization or we could have sold our business profitably.
George Boyadjian
Yea man, still adjusting. My whole http://420college.org business went down. Trying to build it back up
Mike Goldi
Games are fun! So gamification is about making your product fun- which should always be the case. A more limited approach is to copy some game mechanics without understanding why you're doing it. Nobody wants to collect more useless internet points for the sake of it. So my advice is to focus on making learning fun (which it is, outside of school). Btw I used Duolingo for some months, I didn't care at all about points, badges etc but as I went up the leagues my competitive side came out and I just had to beat everyone to the top. Because I was competing with real people, I cared. Find what your users care about and use it. https://whatsgbplus.com/
Mona Erb
At the beginning it was easier because I did like that everything and everyone calmed down for a change.. But continuing the lockdown i feel the need to go out more and more. Go out in the sense that I'd like to meet friends in a restaurant or bar and to enjoy some well spent time together. Not seeing friends and family that often was fine for a while but now it gets more annoying and I get more impatient. However, all in all, I think I adapted quite well to the situation and I'm more grateful for things such as my home and my plants :)
Tanoy Chowdhury
I have cut down on the number of phone and video calls. I have restricted myself to only 1-2 video calls in a day. Same goes for phone calls; I try to keep it minimal. Luckily, I have supportive team members. They too prefer asynchronous communication like chats and emails. If we miss seeing each other, we use screen recording videos to communicate. It has helped me and my team to concentrate on our work for long hours, and keep the communication mostly asynchronous yet personal.
Sudharshan C. Babu
Bought bigger pants 😂
Galia Ben David
Wow, it is so surreal to reflect on this crazy year. I can believe we've gone through three lockdowns, where at first you were only allowed in a 100 meter radius from your house... It really made my appreciate the little things - cooking, reading, taking a short stroll in the neighborhood, and even grocery shopping!
David Beckham
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