Made a soft launch of & onboarded 19 SaaS founders

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Made a soft launch for Astramind Beta - Making it fun for SaaS founders to build in public & engage with customers Here are the stats for the first week. šŸ› ļø Makers onboarded: 19 šŸ“œ Product Timelines created by Makers: 11 šŸ“¬ Build in public posts: 19 šŸ¤© Product Demo: +1 Full timeline made public at Have a great week building & shipping šŸš€


Alexey Shashkov
Inspiring numbers, Goutam! I made a new post today on Astramind for
Hamed Baatour
congrats Goutham, building a community is one of the hardest things to do. takes a lot of effort to solve the chicken and the egg problem that marketplaces/communities always struggle to bypass. using social proof no matter how small that might be to drive more signups to your platform is the best way to kickstart growth. keep pushing šŸ’Ŗ
@hamedbaatour Thank you for the kind words, Hamed. Community is definitely hard that's why I wanted to share what I'm doing with publicly. Building something for SaaS founders & entrepreneurs to make it easy for them to build & validate with customers is truly what gets me going. Let's build and grow together as makers :)