Is there any website/product which shows statistics for market research?

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Was wondering if you guys have come across or actively use any website/ resources for doing market research or for understanding consumer behavior? (Extra points if it has visual representation with graphs) If you're actively building it, please do share. Would love to use it :)


I would love to know it as well.
Dwayne Charrington
There’s a tool called @qualaroo that helps with the market and user research. Here’s what I’ve been using it for: You can create pop-up surveys or long-form surveys with open-ended questions. Create surveys with multiple questions and answer types. Different types of survey templates that you can use to explore your target audience and market. Use its buyer persona templates to identify the type of user base you need to target. It helps create a user journey roadmap easily. It displays response data from all the surveys in its dashboard. It has an advanced analysis that creates bars, charts, graphs of the response data so that you can easily analyze it. It has a Sentiment Analysis feature powered by IBM-Watson. With this, you can analyze verbatim responses from open-ended questions with ease. Find the tool here - I hope this information proves helpful.