As an indie maker, what SaaS products you pay to use?

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What are some of the SaaS products you make a recurring purchase every month to build your product?


I’m not sure I consider myself an indie maker, but I use Netlify Analytics!
@enderm Cool what are some features you like in Netlify Analytics?
Vicente Reyes
I'm subscribed to MindNode,, Notion. I think i still pay for 1 or 2 more. I forgot which lol
@highcenburg That's interesting. Getting to know MindNode for the first time. Is more suited to your case than Tailwind UI?
Vicente Reyes
@gouthamj I discovered MindNode just this year..before I discovered all the other mind mapping apps lol yeah is more suited since I also use all other frameworks included.
Bertha Kgokong
I pay for a lot of things, so far the most useful ones are the AI content generators. They work so well and save me so much time, that I actually pay two different platforms for this service - Jarvis and Peppertype As a solo founder, time is the most important thing. If the tool can save me time, i will pay for it.
@berthakgokong Jarvis & Peppertype seem so interesting. Thanks for sharing, Kgokong. So what's your use case of employing these tools?
Canva for me - amazing product that makes a lot of the design work for marketing possible for someone with no design skills!