Looking for SEO Slack groups 😁

Luka Vasic
9 replies
As the title says, I heard a lot of people mention SEO slack groups and I'm looking for some good ones. I'm new to SEO and the product I'm working on is LeadDelta, a LinkedIn CRM for organizing your network. So if anyone knows SEO groups that match my product, I'd appreciate your help. Keep on being awesome 😎


Iya Mendoza
I only know few local SEO FB groups, but I would love to join that slack channel as well :)
Qudsia Ali
We also do SEO for our product, and I would love to join such a community.
Jeff S.
-BigSEO -Online Geniuses
Roberto Robles
@maxwellcdavis no, but I've been thinking of creating one πŸ€”
Paul-Louis Valat
Not dedicated to SEO only, but the Growmance slack groupe has some interesting SEO channels
Gaurav Goyal
Would love to know groups about SEO.