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Faisal Khushnood
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A chat tool that allows sending 'Voice Message' within the chat. I am unable to find this feature in tools like Zendesk, Livechat, Intercom


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Is it really necessary? and if why?
@sreekanth850 Yes, because we are ride hailing service, and significant no of our drivers prefer to communicate in voice
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we have a chat messenger on Qinaps that came along with the email marketing tool we have, Sendinblue. Its not a chatbot, its more like an instant messenger that we embedded within the application itself.
@nilova_pande Your are suggesting to integrate Qinaps with chat tools like Zendesk?
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@faisal_khushnood1 possibly yes, however since we already use Sendinblue as our email marketing tool, we use the chat option from their platform. This is not outbound. Instead users can live chat with us and can be replied to queries etc.
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Voice Messages can be exchanged in Stork.ai
@michael_choupak Can it be integrated with Zendesk or Livechat?
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Why not sharing a phone number that people can call in that case?
@ouaibou That's there, but voice message is still required while chatting
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Discord is there, Telegram is there and lot of tools available in the Internet 🤔
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Hi @faisal_khushnood1, Zoho SalesIQ 2.0 allows customers and agents to send voice messages across during an ongoing live chat session. Some of the key points in this feature: 1. No extensions or installations involved, it's a one-click action. 2. You have control over the voice message option by restricting it for either party 3. Voice messages remain a part of the transcript, so admins can replay them at anytime
@ann_terrence1 Can it be integrated with Zendesk or Livechat?
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@faisal_khushnood1 SalesIQ itself is a live chat software from the Zoho family and hence we don't have any integration with other live chat applications. But, yes we do have an integration with Zendesk for the ticketing aspect that turns chats to tickets for follow-ups.
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RumbleTalk Chat is a chat plugin that allows you to make voice and video calls for free. It can be embedded into your website, event or podcasts too. Check out the free version here https://rumbletalk.com