Lightweight referral product

Matthew Johnson
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Hello - does anyone know of a referral tool that would let us do the following: - Provide users with a unique link - Anyone who signs up with that unique link automatically gets a discount applied when they upgrade with Stripe - optional - can also apply a discount to the initial referrer in stripe and sends them a notification email when someone signs up with their code We've looked at Rewardful, Viral Loops, Refersion and none seem to do this. Thanks!


@stefan_smiljkovic - interesting but at $49 doesn't that seem a lot for a referral program?
Matthew Johnson
@stefan_smiljkovic That looks pretty close - do you know if you can give affiliates discounts to your product rather than payouts via PayPal with First Promoter? Thanks!
Stefan Smiljkovic
@mattcrail I am not sure yet honestly. I didn;t implement it yet on, but when I did some research with co-founder earlier this year, we found this most suitable as far I remember.
Gleb Braverman
check if appsflyer has any of the features!
ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ. is a good choice if you use stripe for payments...
Rizwan Iqbal (Riz)
Maybe a bit late to the party but someone just connected from and they look quite lightweight for your use case. Pricing is not too bad either. One thing I could not ascertain was whether they work with stripe or not
Minna Zhang
check DeNet, the giveaway functions may fulfill your needs. @DeNet free and easy to use. you may check from its webiste or download plugin from chrome web store.