Applying to YC today? Here's the application as a Google Doc

Matthew Johnson
3 replies It was always super annoying to me to have to copy and paste it out so we could draft/get feedback - so I decided to open source it. We also have some tips and useful resources for applying here if helpful Good luck!


Edward Park
Best of luck! And, thanks for sharing.
Merill Heebner
Open access to documents is good if you are sure that the ability to edit remains. It would be easier for me to copy and paste a piece of text and then do the final edit. Admittedly this is not always quick, especially now we use to customize pages. But many of my colleagues are already used to this format of work. The only thing I couldn't figure out was whether it was possible to find previous versions of the document and see what changes were made and by whom. I haven't figured it out yet because my google doc is represented as a report, and I wonder what kind of answers colleagues give and how to track them. I don't understand