Let's talk work/school balance

Tommy Bloom🌴
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Happy holidays community! Anyone here working at a startup while studying in university? I'd love some tips on task prioritization, and how to actively stay motivated to succeed at both. #Thestruggleisreal


Martina Hackbartt
Hi! I am working at a startup and studying Biology + Bioinformatics :) What works best for me is dividing the day into blocks (usually of 2hrs each) and according to the number of blocks I have; then I decide which tasks I'm doing in each of them. If I have any tasks that are not a priority; I'll realize as soon as I build my schedule for the day and do not fit them there. Regarding the motivation; that's a tough question tbh. Sometimes I'm really motivated, but some others I'm just not and that's ok! What worked for me is getting involved with something I like within my degree, For example, I'm doing an internship in clinical genomics and since I know I would love to do something like that when I graduate; then it's a great source of motivation.
Frederick Sieber
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Kevin Olejniczak
Hello there! It's been rather challenging for me to balance work and university lately, but I'm getting there. I figured that if I don't have a study plan, I struggle to balance work and uni. The thing is that I work as a chemistry tutor part-time, so I kinda always do something uni-related, and I don't really have "me" time. But, thank God I found these fantastic worksheets that save me a lot of time! They're amazing, and my students seem to love them! Anyway, I'm graduating soon, and I should have more "me" time! Finally!
Taylor Mark
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