Mental preparation for failing? 😟

Tommy Bloom🌴
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How do you prepare yourself for the possibility of failure?


Nim Ron
Great question. I usually make sure my goals are realistic and attainable, that counts as preparing for failure right? 😅
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
I keep reminding myself that it is failure that allows us to grow and learn, however unpleasant it may be.
Tommy Bloom🌴
@lior_galante_cohen That's a great outlook! Thanks for the reminder that the positive side of things is always out there :)
Youri Nelson
Keep reminding yourself: "What if it doesn't fail? what if it succeed?", I think most people mind (including my own) always gravitates towards the negative outcome, maybe we just have to "train" ourselves to gravitate towards the positive.
Youri Nelson
@tamarni it sometimes feels like an uphill battle but it's just like dripping water on a rock that'll eventually crack, if you're consistent with it eventually it'll become the norm instead of the exception!
Chris Ashby
Failure can be hard. I usually try and think of failure as the baseline, especially when it comes to experimenting with new product ideas and services. Go in with the expectation that something will fail, but that failure is absolutely imperative to finding the thing that works. You have to go through the failure in order to find the success. Then iterate on that success and fail all over again until you get it right! That way, failure is a positive step towards success, rather than a step backwards.
Ido Lavi
I think that preparing for failure sets you on the wrong course. In other words "You aim at what you see" - I see success, but trust myself that if failure comes in from the shadows and slaps me in the face, I'll cope with it.
Tommy Bloom🌴
@ido_lavi Like a self-fulfiling prophecy? I can see that happening. That being said I think the trust you speak of can be easier said than done sometimes.