Any artists in the mix? 🎼🎤🎨🎬

Tommy Bloom🌴
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Besides working in Tech, I am also a Singer-Songwriter! My first single comes out in a few days. In the past year I have come to find many correlations between the startup ecosystem and the music industry, but haven't found that many likeminded people who are pursuing careers in both fields simultaneously. I'd love to hear what your passion project is, how much time and effort you allocate to it and how do you feel it effects your day job? Feel free to promote your art too!


Ohad Ronen
Wow, good luck!
Tommy Bloom🌴
@ohad_ronen Thanks Ohad, super excited. Congrats to you on ranking #2 yesterday! Definitely planning on trying out your product.
Nim Ron
Hi Tamar, first of all - that's amazing, and good luck. So besides my work in tech, I'm also an artist. My paintings have been recognized and purchased by prominent art collectors in the U.S., F1 owners, and NBA Players. One of my paintings is also presented in the Dallas Museum of Biblical Art alongside the works of Andy Warhol. Feel free to visit my website - I allocate to it a lot of time and effort, mostly during nights and weekends, but I really feel that it allows me to do my work in tech much better; I'm calmer, more creative, and it is a hell of an ice breaker in meetings... Sounds amazing, Tamar. Wish you the best of luck!
Tommy Bloom🌴
@nimrodron Thank you for sharing Nim, love your art! I feel the same way about how it effects my work. Hope to one day reach the level of success you've reached with your art :)
I consider myself an artist, a writer… Yet my arts is in hiatus now. I have a few personal issues to solve at the moment before I am able to create again.
Dafni Chontou
Great prompt Tommy! I'm a pianist and a founder. I don't however pursue a career in music. I just jam on the keys for myself and as a way to energize, be creative, and limit my screen time.
Hayley Jolliffe
Artist here! 👋🏻 Right now, I'm helping to build Spart—a new social platform for artists, by artists! We just had a big update go public a couple days ago, so the founder and I are starting to allocate more time + energy to it. It's so tempting sometimes to want to commit to it fulltime because it aligns more with my passions + values, but we're not in that stage yet. I guess the anticipation of being able to work on it more is creating a feeling of disconnect to my day job, I really want to be able to work on my side projects!!