It's almost the weekend! Did you accomplish everything you set out to this week?

Ryan Gilbert
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The weekend is quickly approaching! Did you accomplish all of the work/goals you set this week? If not, is there anything hanging out there that the PH community can help with?


Tanya Kapoor
Hi @ryangilbert Yes, I have accomplished it. Working on additional tasks to learn more and enhance my skills.
Veronica Nikolaeva
Yes, we finally launched our project on PH 😂 The main goal of the week accomplished, woo-hoo 🥳
Ryan Gilbert
@veronica_nikolaeva Congrats! What are your plans next week to continue with the launch day momentum?
Veronica Nikolaeva
@ryangilbert Thank you Ryan! Our community is growing fast after the launch, so we're going to communicate with them about our product and working on new features suggested from them
Ghassan ツ
Yes, finally managed to launch our product on PH this week :) We didn't make our goal (top #3) but we did get a bunch of sign-ups and many lessons for next time!
Ryan Gilbert
@gmabsout Still a successful launch! Glad that you were able to pull out some lessons for future launches 🚀
Mara Sy
I didn't! 😭 I'm trying to catch up on some tasks for just a few hours this weekend so it won't feel heavy next week!
Juliana Meyer
Thanks @ryangilbert - It’s been a fantastic week: 📝 Our article featured on PH front page has had a great response for ‘Turning the tide back into the hands of creators in the $100B+ creator economy' 🐈 We had so much fun creating The Pawsome App for PH Kitty - if you missed it you can download it to your phone from the app stores to join in the fun. 🚀And we got loads of 5 star reviews for the launch of our No-code App and Website Maker for all your content in one place, SupaPass The PH team have been so helpful, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! It’s great to be part of this fantastic PH Community! 😻
Zac Myers
Hi @ryangilbert, Our product is Fuddle, a social media app that brings people together to play sports. As a basketball (and occasionally volleyball) player, one of my biggest struggles is finding pickup games near me, or at least finding groups that do it consistently. So, as a solution, I came up with Fuddle: a social media app where people can post when/where they're playing sports and then other people can join those events. We just launched our MVP earlier this week on the Apple App Store (still pending review on the Google Play Store). We had some quick growth at the beginning (80 downloads in 48 hours), but then it just dropped off like a cliff (2-3 downloads/day since then). Here's the next problem we're encountering. Our target user is someone who isn't very well connected (hence us solving their problem). How do you reach someone who isn't very well connected? I personally am not very well connected either, but I've spread Fuddle to everyone I play sports with and told them to share it, with minimal results. We've received lots of compliments like "Oh hey that's an amazing idea!" and "I love how easy it is to use!" but the DAU counts are just flat. We also run into the 2-sided marketplace "chicken and the egg" issue, but that's another story. How do you reach people who aren't very well connected? How do you bring those people to your platform?
Muhammad Anees
Yes, I am satisfied with myself that I managed to reach the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the week.
Qudsia Ali
Yes, I have accomplished all the tasks that I set out. And I believe setting realistic goals is the key to accomplishment.
hank you Ryan! Our community is growing fast after the launch, so we're going to communicate with them about our product and working on new features suggested from them