Is it possible to grow a Twitter account in ONE WEEK? 🤯

Carmen Jiménez
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Hi there! I need help: I'm very close to launching here, but before that happens I'd like to grow the project Twitter account (@identidme) because I think is the best way to get to target. Any advices?


Maybe: 1). get somebody famous to retweet you or 2). offer a giveaway.
Jaskiran Kaur
Giveaways are great way to get traffic and grow twitter but it is not bad either to grow organically. You can do this by tweeting on popular trends or commenting on people's tweet, etc. Adding relevant as well as popular hashtags, etc.
Siddhesh Lokare
Yes it is! But remember, there is no universal strategy. It is a consistent and compounded process. Act like a human and add value before bombarding. 5 major hacks to grow on Twitter : 1. Tweet 5 times a day and keep the following combination : 2 Retweets, 2 image tweets, 1 thread 2. Keep a check on trending hashtags and topics, and create content related to them as soon as you can (but with your brand essence) Use for tracking trending topics on Twitter in real time. 3. Connect with people who like your tweet via direct messaging. Thank them, follow them and ask for suggestions. 4. Be a part of different Twitter Spaces in your niche and contribute your points constructively. This will help you garner minimal but loyal followers. 5. Use lead magnets like free resources, rewards, list of growth tools or free services to attract users and ask them to retweet. This has the highest potential to create viral loop. Nothing out of this will work if you don't read the first line of this answer carefully! Hope this helps!
Kartik J. 👷
100% agreed with @siddhesh_lokare1 and consistency is the key. And if you want to grow a Twitter account in ONE WEEK- Ask Elon musk to tweet and promote your account. I am sure your account will grow in 1 day. :P
1 week is too short except if you have other accounts (or contacts) with huge communities in you niche to promote your account, I do agree with all the strategies given by the guys above but keep in mind that if you are starting from 0 giveaways won't bring that much people and it's not a card you'll play every day, I would say build a community of 200+ followers with @siddhesh_lokare1 technique then try go viral with giveaways etc
@copybycarmen I would add, if you account has near 0 followers don't start with paid ads as there is no organic leverage it I'll cost you a lot! We tested an account with 10 followers vs an account with 1.8k followers same ad same budget the first cost was 10x higher per lead...
Carmen Jiménez
@raoufremidan Thanks for the advice! For now I'll try to grow organically little by little and later I'll consider creating other strategies to reach more people such as sweepstakes or ads
Like others have mentioned, one week is really too short a time to gain a large number of organic followers. The followers you build need to actually be engaging with your content to be able to support and help you spread the word about your project genuinely. The quickest way would probably be to 'promote' some tweet about a giveaway or about some targeted benefit that you are able to provide for your targeted audience. That could give your account increased visibility, but theactual returns on that investment would vary a lot , based on multiple factors that are specific to the product and target audience. Having a handful of followers who actually interact with you often can be far more helpful than a 100 who don't bother to read your tweets. Engage with users in your targeted niche....and Comment, retweet and discuss whenever you come across a relevant tweet. The aim is to build genuine friendships and professional relationships after all, so there isn't a real shortcut for it.
Fabian Maume
One week is too short time frame. Twitter is channel which yields result on the long run. On short run only PPC can give a quick boost. You can try out this tactics to growth some audience on the long run: Pay attention that you will have to run this on a low scale as your account is new.
Ruben Wolff
There are ways to boost your twitter account, you might find some in the comments, but honestly, I reckon one week is a bit short. Can't you reschedule the launch or prioritize another channel to get to your target audience?
Carmen Jiménez
@rubenwolff Sure! For now I'll try to grow organically little by little and later I'll consider creating other strategies to reach more people, so in future launches we can have a bigger community already created
Md. Ekram Hossan
Yes. Try giveaway or any competition and retweet good post.
Anything fruitful takes time. Shortcuts and fast tracks may give 'quick results' but it might be useful to consider if these results stand the test of time.