Is it just me or are there others here who're hating working from home?

Kate Jonas
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How good are you at disciplining yourself while working from home? Please drop some tips!


Jonathan Yan
Hey @kate_jonas ! I definitely do find myself getting distracted easier at home but I've found the simple solution of going to a cafe or spot nearby, but outside my home, really helps! I think it's key to find that balance of not being too comfortable, but also having the flexibility to get your work done on your own time. At oVice, we provide our users with access to virtual spaces where they can customize it and make it their own. You can use the space as an online office, to host an event, study space, etc! Our goal is to really make remote work as productive and connected as possible by giving our users the ability to interact with their peers in real time, no matter where you are in the world. You can check us out at to see how it works!