Do you think the idea matters more or execution of it?

Kate Jonas
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Dagobert Renouf
The common answer is execution, but after having "executed" for quite a while, I think it's not so easy to answer. If I take a step back, I'd say the most important is actually the market you're in. If it's a market that doesn't have much money or care for new products, then you're doomed. Better find a good market for your idea, and then execute well 🎩
Carolina Reis
@dagorenouf couldn't agree more! As I like to say, what matters the most is the problem that product is solving.
Fabian Maume
Idea matters for the strategy & execution matters for the tactics. You need an idea which make sense strategically: - addressable market is big enough - you have a differentiator against your competitors - your revenue will be higher than marginal cost Without this, you can have the best execution in the world, it will go to waste. If you idea check the points I mentioned above, then execution is what will matter.
Kartik J. 👷
In my experience, Good Idea + Good Execution = High chances of success Good Idea + Bad Execution = Low chances of success Bad Idea + Good Execution = High chances of success Bad Idea + Bad Execution = very low chances of success A good idea with bad execution will not work but A bad idea with a good execution can work. Ex- A machine that smash your face - Bad Idea But it helped in boxing training - Good execution So agreed with @carolina_reis - "what matters the most is the problem that product is solving."