How do you usually rule out assumptions when working towards an app/ website idea?

Kate Jonas
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Daniel Kyne
Great question! There have been multiple times where we *almost* built features based on assumptions but at the last minute our testing ruled the assumption out. The approach we use is called Customer Problem Stack Ranking (it's a framework from the product team at Stripe), which basically gets your customers to stack rank the problems they experience and the you focus on addressing the most important problems. We used CPSR to figure out if the problem underlying our feature assumption was one of the most important problems to our users and realised that it was actually middle of the table, so we decided to shelve it and work on the more important things first. Later we realised that we could address that problem with a blog post instead of a new feature, saving us loads of time and effort :) Here's a little guide to using Customer Problem Stack Ranking if you want:
Kate Jonas
This was really helpful Daniel, thankyou!