Is business success due to luck or sustainable work ?

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Ng Fang Kiang
luck + sustainable work
@maxwellcdavis Yes, but how much of both do we need ? many founders believe in luck but not too much about consistency
Stephany Dionysio
I am gonna bring a third element to the table that is a good network. I've seen people getting into Y Combinator with nothing valuable in their hands just because they had a good network :-)
Graeme O’Connor
There's certainly a lot of work involved, but as they say you have to make that luck happen!
Sandra Djajic
I usually don't really believe many people are much more lucky than others in the vastness of the business world. I think recognising and taking advantage of luck is what really counts. People have luck, connections, and opportunities right under their nose that they can't see the potential in. It goes without saying though that most (including myself) believe sustainable work is crucial!
@maxine_buchert true :) many are focusing on various things and get scattered all over the place rather than have one step at time!
Elena Cirera
I think both, but sustainable work is a significant contributor to success.