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Hi, hunters! I am a beginning digital marketer. And I am really interested in developing in this area. What internet resources do you ususally use? And what would you recommend for a beginner?


Rucha Joshi
Following this, I am also interested in what people share :)
Also keen to know people recommend ;)
Hi, Daria! If you can't find what you want here on the product hunt, check out these amazing websites. They have tons of resources that will keep you on the go. Check out their blogs for amazing stuffs.
Fabian Maume
Hubspot has a nice training program: I recommend starting with Inbound Marketing. After it would depend on which part of digital marketing you want to learn: Web analytics: SEO: ContentKing Academy PPC: I don't know as it isn't my area of expertise
Alina Ihnatiuk I think this site is a treasure for everyone.
Raitis Velps
As seasoned marketer I would start with identifying in which segment of marketing you want to develop yourself in. Because they are a lot. After you have done that quick google search should bring you to millions of resources. For the very first steps I would suggest reading David C. Baker - Business of Expertise book so you can get that T shape niche down. Cheers, and I hope this finds you useful.
Tanya Sharma
Hey Daria! The kind of marketing you do really depends on the phase at which your product is. If you're looking for resources on startup marketing, I absolutely recommend my favorite resource @shapiro's blog:
Peter Costello
A few that I use are: - for contracts - for stock photography and graphic resources (Shameless Plug) - Creative Market for graphic resources - for product sales (Another shameless plug) - For on demand printing
Atul Ghorpade
Hi Daria. for learning about SEO.
Atul Ghorpade
@daryakhmetova Yeah, I am totally agree with you. Btw, I would like to connect with you on Twitter. Here is my profile-
Carmit Glik for project management. Has lots of integrations for marketing solutions
As a CIM qualified marketeer- I'd recommend choosing an area of marketing you want to focus on (I love branding for example) then doing a cheap/free online course on Google Garage, Udemy or Skillshare. Then to practice your skills maybe create marketing plans for your company tailored to the stage you're at. I'd also recommend getting your hands on some marketing textbooks that have been released these last few years. I also think learning how to create a marketing plan/ report/ strategy is a vital skill to learn for any marketer, so maybe start there when first reading through any resource.
Faheem Khan
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