If you were to optimize your habits, how would you?

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Hey there! As a maker/founder/creator I largely spend my time online and forget to take a break, correct my posture or eat healthy on time or actively socializing and spending time outdoors. In addition, I go through some stress related to monetizing my work, finding new customers, maintaining a healthy happy mindset, and fighting loneliness. If you are like me, would you also like to change your habits to make them a bit more healthy and planet friendly? How would you do it and what kind of priority will you allocate for it? What are your current habits that are making your life effective?


Akinori Nakajima
It's a morning ritual, like to go for a run.
Edward G
Go for a disconnected walk after lunch. Its a nice break in the day, weather permitting.
Same here, I usually go for a walk after lunch. Then from 6 to 7PM I have my yoga practice. If I can't do it for an hour, I still try to practice for at least for 30 minutes. I also use my Pranamat mat which helps a lot with back pains. Oh, yes, and I'm drinking lots of water.