If you've launched on Product Hunt how did you choose your Hunter? πŸ€”

Maxwell Davis
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So this week I've been putting together a small shortlist of Hunters that we want to reach out to in order to Hunt our product. But I'm keen to know what factors influenced you in choosing the hunters that you wanted to Hunt your own product? Would love your thoughts πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


Pablo Fatas
At SigmaOS we were coming from YC so our mentor there hunted us. Is who your hunter is important?
@pablo_fatas Oh that's cool - they'll be really into it too as they know your product already. Well you can launch without a hunter at all so they aren't vital, it might just help with visibility so we're trying to find one to help our chances πŸ˜€
Pablo Fatas
@maxwellcdavis What are you launching by the way?
Paul VanZandt
We haven't launched yet but we're already in the process of looking for a hunter. I think it would certainly be helpful to expand our potential audience, but if the visions don't align we're happy to hunt independently. At the end of the day, the viability of the product will determine its success.
@paul_vanzandt Yeah it seems to be a theme from responses I've got here and elsewhere that alignment is really important. Good luck with your search and future launch πŸš€πŸš€
Happy to hunt any product + review their launch kit etc. You can message me on Twitter or fill this form https://phlaunchchecklist.com/hunt