If you must keep only one productivity tool, which one and why?

Clément Jacquelin
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Help other product hunters discover the best productivity tool that you already use ! I think about ToDoist, Trello, Excel ... But damn they are already well know. Copy paste this message and comment : ★ My best productivity tool is : ✓ What it does : Thanks !


@aureliovolle yep a really nice one, thanks for sharing @aureliovolle ! Here is a link : https://www.notion.so/
Eugenia Russell
@aureliovolle @jacquelinclem Are there specific ways you could recommend for utilising Notion? Many thanks.
Claire Glisson
@aureliovolle Of course this is the first reply! Notion is such a handy tool! I love how you can customize your boards for any purposes- that's what really sets it apart from other productivity tools. I've used its margin basement cousin Coda too - the experience is not nearly as smooth.
John McD
★ My best productivity tool is : AweSun ✓ What it does : This remote control desktop which helps me a lot to get access to my office pc, I don't have to waste time and money on travelling only for a file in office pc
@john_mcd thanks ! Here is the website for thoses who need it : https://sun.aweray.com/ It remind me of https://parsec.app/ which I use for Gaming. :)
Audrey Rampon
★ My best productivity tool is: ours, KosmoTime ✓ What it does: It's a calendar app that helps manage your tasks and block time for them directly in your calendar. It syncs with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. It has other cool features like the Mute Mode (mutes Slack notifications and blocks unrelated tabs when you need to focus on a specific task to prevent from context switching), and a Time Tracker.
@audrey_rampon thanks ! Look really nice, I love the UI. Love the way it block time on Google Calendar :) Here is a link : https://www.kosmotime.com/
Amit yadav
Figma ✓ It has to be Figma for me, anything related to image, logo, thumbnail, social media posts everything can be quickly and easily created and managed.
Natalie Karakina
Google Calendar with not only work stuff
Rashmi Gupta
My very own tool: Troopr, we build it and we use it :)
@rashjbp Look cool. Do you use AI ? How ? Here is the website : https://www.troopr.ai/
Artem Khromov
★ My best productivity tool is : Notion ✓ What it does : Makes life waaaay easier :)
TMetric - https://tmetric.com/ It's a time tracking app but it also supports team/task/project management and so I like I can have all data in one place.
@soylakate Thanks for sharing ! What is the best feature for you ?
@jacquelinclem Honestly, it's hard to pick just one. I like that TMetric has simple interface (I like minimalism :)), and it's pretty easy to navigate in the app to start the timer, to create tasks and projects, all is done intuitively.
Adrian Topka
★ My best productivity tool is : Notion! ✓ What it does : Keep all the projects and manage them from 1 place.
Yaagneshwaran Ganesh
I would say Avoma is great for productivity when it comes to online meetings like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. I’m a huge fan of the AI meeting note taking tools. And Avoma combines automated note-taking, conversation intelligence and cross-functional collaboration. If you want to check out: https://www.avoma.com/
Besides my pen and paper, my best tool is humble Notes.. I may become a frequent Notioner soon..
Zoya Matin
★ My best productivity tool is : NOTION! ✓ What it does : Nothing like it - I can manage my tasks, assign tasks, have a to-do list, track upcoming events/meetings/deadlines. Literally I feel like I can do it all. And I can make personal lists too that keep me more productive so
Artem Smirnov
I don't use Notion as a productivity tool, it might sound funny but I'm using it for what it was build for -- notes. My #1 productivity tool is Todoist, I just can't live without it. My #2 tool is PomoDone, having regular breaks keeps me sane.
Blake Wisz
Check out www.wired2perform.com. We are helping people become more self-aware and productive.
Eldhose Peter
Apple Calendar helps me organise my day.
@eldhose_peter it's better than Google Calendar for u ?
Pradeepa Somasundaram
My best productivity app: An internal Knowledge base is must need especially when you are doing remote working and looking for an answer with depending on others Document360
Wiktoria Jaszcza
★ My best productivity tool is: SideNotes (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) ✓ What it does: It allows me to take quick notes on the screen edge. Great for research, for catching ideas and tasks.
Alejandro Cantarero
★ My best productivity tool is: Productboard ✓ What it does: Specifically for building products, it provides very good tools for grouping together issues/tickets around components of your product, build timelines and roadmaps to understand delivery, and integrate customer feedback to help you prioritize tasks. I've used jira, github, gitlab, trello, and pivotal tracker before at different companies for this, and I found all of these difficult to track work that crosses teams or touches on multiple products. I've also found those tools hard to do prioritization because too many disparate tasks end up in one board, or the work for the sprint is spread across too many boards to see in one view.
@alejandro_cantarero1 know it too. Thanks for sharing :) ! What about asana ?
Alejandro Cantarero
@jacquelinclem Tried asana too, though the last time was a few years ago so I'm sure the product has changed. Still didn't find a way to solve my key challenges with other tools which are: - Prioritize tasks across multiple teams / products - Understand tasks that are blockers across teams - Deliver a clear roadmap to executives
Sandro G
Easy - Sublime Text. Close second place goes to Workflowy, which is basically an online, collaborative, improved version of Sublime (in regards to making TODO lists).
@sandro_g yeah sublime was so cool when I used it years ago. What about Visual Studio Code ?