If you had a time machine, what year would you travel to, and why?

Veronica Nikolaeva
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Please share your thoughts and let's talk a bit about time travel πŸ•“


Vitaly Nikolaev
I'm a fan of the 19th Century! So probably the 1880's. I would love to take a walk in London in the 1880s
Veronica Nikolaeva
@vit_niko that's amazing! would love to join you haha πŸ˜πŸŽ‰
Ezzat Suhaime
The 60's so I can visit Old Penn station in New York before it got torn down :(
Veronica Nikolaeva
@ezzat oh wow! it's gorgeous! would love to visit it too!
Renly Borris
If only I could go to the Harry Potter Era. I know it is a fictional story but every time I watch the movie, I feel like there is actually a world of wizards.
Veronica Nikolaeva
@renly_borris Definitely agree with you! This is an amazing world, would love to be a part of it too! Have you ever been to Harry Potter Warner Bros. Tour in London? This place is really takes you into the Harry Potter world :)
Renly Borris
@veronica_nikolaeva No, but I desperately want to visit the place. Will do one day for sure.
Idris Elliott
1 week ago with 7 numbers memorised.
Jennifer Laura
I would love to go to the age when the Egyptians built the great pyramids. I eagerly want to discover what technology they used back then.
Veronica Nikolaeva
@jennifer_123 Yes, that was a magical and mysterious era! Great choice!
Nabeel Amir
If I had a time machine, I would have traveled back in time to make my product number one on Product Hunt, which would have been a satisfying experience.
Veronica Nikolaeva
@nabeel_amir haha sounds good! I wish one day your product will be #1 even without a time machine ;)
I would like to go back 2500 years in Buddha's time or 10-15k years back in Mahabharata time to adapt a lifestyle of understanding world within us
Veronica Nikolaeva
@vipassana08 That's so deep and very interesting! I think that would be an amazing experience!
I hesitate between "the Live Aid of wembley" in 1985 with: Queen, U2, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, The Who, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Wham!, Phil Collins, Sting, Madonna, Status Quo, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Hall & Oates, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Santana, Nile Rodgers, The Beach Boys, Duran Duran, David Gilmour, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan.. Or Between 450 and 425 BC. to travel with Herodotus
Veronica Nikolaeva
@fares_aktouf Wow! You have a good taste in music! Love them all too! Meeting with Herodotus is also an amazing idea :)
Luka Vasic
Easy, 2009 and buy me a ton of bitcoin.
Serdar Palaoglu
2500, either I live in a super technology driven world with AI and Gen Modifications and flying cars or the climate change and the atom bombs has destroyed the earth and there is no live.
Veronica Nikolaeva
I wish one day a time machine is going to be launched on ProductHunt haha I would definitely upvote πŸ˜‚
There’s a lot of things I would do if I had a time machine. I would go the Napoleonic era to meet Napoleon Bonaparte. I might help him take over Europe,Africa, and the America