What superhero power do you want to have as a founder?⚡️⚡️

Veronica Nikolaeva
30 replies
I think the Telepathy and Replication will be the most useful for me as a founder 😅 But what will be your choice? Can't wait to know your version!


Vitaly Nikolaev
Superhero power which allows me to travel in time😁
Vitaly Nikolaev
@fares_aktouf Oh wow never heard about Hiro Nakamura before, but thanks for telling me about this character. I'm going to watch the show ASAP! haha
For me ! The powers of Doctor MANHATTAN while keeping my sense of humor
Veronica Nikolaeva
@fares_aktouf Haha Awesome! Sense of humor is also a superhero power, not everyone has it🙃
Luis Hernandez Peña
Being a founder is already being a superhero ;)
Guillaume Mathieu
Omniscience >> would make the journey too boring maybe Ubiquity would be very efficient Time control definitely cool Ah and mind reading too
Veronica Nikolaeva
@guillaume_mathieu1 Awesome choice! 🙃🙃 Yes, I agree with you - the journey doesn't make sense with Omniscience
@guillaume_mathieu1 So you too want to be Doctor MANHATTAN ?
Guillaume Mathieu
@fares_aktouf Haha, then the next question thread is: If you had god-like powers, would you rather be an entrepreneur or ... a super hero?
@guillaume_mathieu1 If I have divine powers. Why just build a solution / technology / product / business or empire? when i can create worlds and universes! it's still (supreme) Entrepreneurship!
Veronica Nikolaeva
@guillaume_mathieu1 @fares_aktouf Haha it's a good question! I guess an example of superhero-entrepreneur is Tony Stark, he built the Stark Industries and he's a saving the world superhero!
Ezzat Suhaime
Bruh, having power the change probabilities. what’s the probability you’ll invent the hyperdrive tomorrow? Crank that up to 99% baby
Dylan Merideth
a super charged ability to learn and recall would be rad, like asking the genie for more wishes
I would like to be Doctor Strange.
Qudsia Ali
I would love to have the superpowers of Wonder Woman. Fearless yet compassionate and unafraid to take control of a situation. Being able to get to the point quickly and have high-performance standards for myself while expecting the same of others.
Denis Pimenov
I wish I had Neo's powers from The Matrix. When you can leave time - it's great. You will have time to do a lot of things when the whole world is frozen))