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Vimal kanna
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Bookmark problem - I have this issue for a very long time, I come across great articles and posts, I bookmark them and never revisit them again. The list gets bigger every day and it’s overwhelming to look at my bookmarks after some time. Does anyone facing the same problem and do you guys have any current solutions for it? If you have this problem and currently don’t have a solution, do you guys think it’s a good idea to create a product around it? Thanks


Daniel James
What's the problem here though? You bookmark something and then never revisit it. The logical solution is to either regularly clear out old bookmarks or just don't bookmark anything to begin with. It seems like your primary issue here is that you bookmark things without thinking about whether or not it's useful to you. It doesn't seem like you need to make anything. Just be more selective with your bookmarks.
@danieljames I disagree. I do bookmark a lot of interesting thing that i simply forget about after a while. I would like something that could collect my bookmarked articles ,posts, pictures, etc... and show them to me in an infinite scroll type of way. so when i have some free time i could scroll a list of things i thought were interesting before but had no time to investigate. Doing the same thing with the default bookmarking tools in browsers is kinda meh. I'd like to engage with the same process i engage with with instagram/tik tok but with my interesting bookmarked stuff as content.
I sort of have this problem.. I guess I bookmark things to go back and refer to when Im dealing with that subject matter.. As a solution, I've thought about reviewing my bookmarks every month or so (havn't done it).. if there was a product that'll automatically delete the bookmark after sometime, and notify that its going to delete "these many bookmarks" in a weeks time and I have to visit them or they are gone.. Then I may consider using it..
Vanella Richardson
@gogloballakshmi I agree with you. I try to review my bookmarks when the mood strikes but having a simple reminder/ auto-delete function like you suggested, where after a month (customizable) you get a notification that "it's been a month since you've bookmarked this page, do you still want it saved?", would make the process much more efficient. I would definitely use it. Some bookmarks are permanent resources but others purchase ideas where I'll never remember to go back delete after the purchase is made or links to temporary actions like jobs that will expire which I'll also never remember to delete.
Priyanka Mehta
Make a product that takes the bookmarked links from your connected devices, browsers and apps. Put them in one place and send notification for a reminder. Give points when you open the link and spend some time on it to sort of gamify the user's progress.
Sreekanth PM
I agree with you. Problem is not revisiting the bookmarks but I'm unable to locate it after i have lot of items in bookmarks.