I find Product Hunt a bit overwhelming

Vimal kanna
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Hey, Have you guys ever felt going through the numerous amazing projects on Product Hunt is a bit overwhelming? If so, do you guys have any suggestions on how product hunt can reduce the overwhelming part?


Anusha Suri
1. Trust yourself and your product. 2. There could be shills here. Who knows, it's the internet age. 3. Yours might be equally amazing a product.
Adrian Topka
C'mon man! More believe in yourself. When you see soo many amazing products, you should think: "Wow great! If so many people can do this, I also can!" Why not? Who stops you? Haha, I do not want to sound like some motivation coach, but for me PH is great, cuz it shows: 1. If they can, I also can. 2. You never know which product will blow up.
Look at it like the olymp of this space. Nobody did it the easy way. Inlcuding myself. Its all hard work and trusting the process. You can do it as well ;)! Just put in the work
Jack Davis
You got this! Just start putting a little work in one step at a time and all the sudden you will have a lot of work when you look back at the beginning!