I made a start up garage in the metaverse, come and say hi!

Rosie Higgins
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Drop in and say hi here: https://app.thegrapevine.tech/pu..., I would love to hear your feedback and learn how we can improve :)


Daniel Hall
Wow, Silicon Valley!! I want to see Erlich Bachman on the wall.
Vivek Ganesan
Great experience. Yours was the first metaverse experience I tried and I loved it :) Here are my observations. WOW Factors ============= * Audio - No hassles! * Notification when someone comes in your circle * Realistic audio volume based on distance Things that caused confusion ================================ * Buttons say 'RETURN' -- this could be understood as someone wanting to 'go back' to the previous screen * [Probably because I used firefox, despite the warning shown at first] - Note on the table does not seem to work. Any operation seems to just drag the entire note. * 'Teleport' does not look like a button (perhaps due to being small in size than RETURN) and I ended up clicking 'RETURN' the first time. Later, I noticed the 'Teleport' to be a button when I hovered over it, if I remember correctly. Extra thanks for giving me a warm human welcome when I entered your metaverse :)
Rosie Higgins
@vivek_ganesan lovely to meet you Vivek, thanks so much for dropping in!! Your feedback is super helpful, I'm going to make some changes to the UX on the teleporters to help improve the experience for users in the future :)
Vivek Ganesan
@rosie_higgins_grapevine I have sent you a connection request on LinkedIn. We could add value to each other. Forgot to add one more point - After the holidays, I am hoping to try your app in a small group setting and let you know any feedback the group has.
Rosie Higgins
@vivek_ganesan thanks Vivek, that would be amazing, we would appreciate it so much. If you need any support from us just give me a shout :)
Oscar Davis
Looks like it's come a long way! 😃
Katherine Anderson
Congratulations on starting your own garage in the metaverse! It's exciting to see people exploring the possibilities of virtual spaces. I hope your startup is successful and that visitors enjoy their time there.
Jiren San
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Trevarthenson Yurick
That's exciting! I'll definitely come and say hi to your startup garage in the metaverse. Looking forward to checking it out!
broderick priddy
That sounds amazing! Congratulations on creating your startup Garage Maintenance in the metaverse. It's exciting to see innovative ventures being brought to virtual reality.
stambaugh darron
That's fantastic! Congratulations on setting up your startup Garage Maintenance in the metaverse. It's always inspiring to see entrepreneurial ventures in virtual reality. I'll definitely swing by to say hello and see what you've created. Best of luck with your virtual startup!
Alex Benson
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Absolutely! Just dropped by and left my upgrade feedback. It's great to see your dedication to improvement. Keep up the fantastic work!
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