What's your go to method for creating a quick landing page for a new product idea?

Rosie Higgins
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I'd be curious to know how most people do this!


Hemant Warier
1) To create a landing page for Notesally, I used an AI writer tool - Writesonic which gave me a coded script to upload to my website. This is what it looked like - https://notesally.com/landingpag... 2) Before launching Notesally on Product Hunt, I had made an upcoming page with Product Hunt's tool called Ship to create a hype of the launch. You can find it in the header under the Tools section. This was my upcoming page - https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Rosie Higgins
@hemantwarier interesting thanks Hemant, I hadn't considered using an AI copywriter!
Hemant Warier
@rosie_higgins_grapevine Yes it was quite an interesting feature actually. How do you review the page though, the one created by AI writer tool?
Anastasiia Holiachenko 🇺🇦
Here is my preferred flow: 1. Quick mockups and design using Figma. 2. Move everything to Tilda. 3. Buy a domain, create an email on Gmail for it. 4. Connect domain and email for request forms with Tilda. Add links to the Demo version of your product (if there are any). 5. Upload Legal docs: Privacy Policy, Terms of service. 5. Publish Tilda and promote it according to your target audience. Anyway, the flow should be changed depending on the product, its current stage and target audience
Rosie Higgins
@anastasiia_holiachenko thank you for sharing! This looks like a great flow
@anastasiia_holiachenko This is super helpful, thanks for sharing!
If you're truly looking for speed, I think a paid Carrd template is as easy and clean as you can get. When we test ideas but want them to look more professional and experienced, that is always our go-to. Copywriting can be created quickly if you have somebody semi-decent on the team. The most important part is just getting started and having something that exists for the public
Pritam Nanda
If you are planning to launch on Product Hunt, I would suggest you go with Ship. It helps you put together a landing page in seconds. We recently built on for our upcoming page - Findz. Here's a link: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/findz I would love to hear what you think! Thanks
Rosie Higgins
@pritam_nanda92 thanks Pritam! We actually had a Ship page for Grapevine pre-launch on PH. In this thread I was looking for more general purpose solutions.
Kaitlyn Duff
I’m gonna go ahead and be the grandma of this group and say that I actually rely on Squarespace. The site is easy to learn and fun to create a new domain with. However, I just use Facebook’s page feature when I’m running a tight budget and I’m not at all confident with the idea. Facebook is terrible for accommodating potential clients/customers/partners but it kinda works to some degree. Squarespace is expensive.
Rosie Higgins
@kaitlyn_duff thanks for sharing! It's helpful to get a view on all the different tools people use. Yeah my problem with services like Squarespace is the hosting costs! I'd rather host myself haha.
Rahul Issar
Using webflow to create our landing pages! use competitors in terms of what structures to follow