I'm a CTO and Co-founder open to answer any technical doubt you might have when starting a project

Tom Agrimbau
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I found out many people struggle with technical doubts when it comes to starting something new in the digital world. That's why I'm open to give a hand to the community of PH 😁 Hope it helps! Questions like: - How much does it cost to develop my digital product (app and/or web)? - How long does it take to develop? What do the times depend on? - Should I hire a freelancer, an agency, or have a programming partner? - I need to project costs and I don't know how to calculate the maintenance of a system (servers, APIs, stores, services, etc). - With what language/tool do I have to make my app/web? - I am looking for a technical partner for my team, what profile does he have to have? Where can I find it? What do I have to look at? Have a great day 👋 Tom
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