After at least 100 apps/webs as dev and learned <code> is at most priority #8. These are my steps 🎯

Tom Agrimbau
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I have a software factory for 8 years and being coding for more than 15 (dev freak). After a couple of projects, I realized its a big mistake to rush into code. This is my recommendation to start a project: 1 - Define what is the problem you will solve. 2 - Identify which group of people have this problem. 3 - Map how they try to solve it now (products/services). 4 - Interview 10 people to learn about them. Trust me, totally worth it. 5 - Make a prototype (with a no-code tool) to test your core assumptions with them. [Pause] - Here you will realize if your solution is actually solving the problem or not. In case yes, you can move forward in order to understand how you make a business here. 6 - Define your business plan (include costs, revenue, market size, etc) 7 - Design a beautiful UI for your project. Now, finally, and with the right information to do it... 8-Put your hands into the code and develop the product. Or hire a team to do it. Let me know your thoughts I'm happy to help 👋
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