How to Find a Technical Cofounder? Recommendations/experiences to share?

Tom Agrimbau
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Hi all! With Bleap's team, we've been working on a tool for entrepreneurs and we found out finding a technical cofounder is a big pain. We wanted to know if you have some recommendations or personal experiences about this. Share your thoughts


PR @TeQatlas
Well, look, Tom, I've never been looking for any co-founder, but I know at least 2 tools for it: 1) Y combinator matching platform (was featured here a few days ago) 2) and this one there are might be much more (it is not a blue ocean so far)
CTO @ & Co-Founder
Thanks Katie! I saw the first one here last week, but no idea about cofounderslab. Seems to be great! Btw, I'm a technical cofounder but I found out many people is looking for this kind of partners and I was wondering how hard it is to find the right one. Best
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Hello, this article shows how to find a technical co-founder: Maybe this one will help you