I launched my first on Gumroad, how can I take it to the next level?

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Hey there! I decided to develop a habit so I can get good at long-form writing. As a by-product, I watched and summarized over 100 TedTalks. I found it very useful and decided to share it with others. So I created a booklet and launched it on GumRoad. Find it here - https://gglakshmi.gumroad.com/l/... I did not follow any of the rules that'll maximise reach. It'll great if you gave it a scroll and shared your feedback. The download is free. My question is - if it were you, how would you take this to the next level?


Bernard Badó
Building deapmarket.com
I'm building a product that will help you get more traffic into your Gumroad store. If you're interested, reply with "👋"