I created a personal website inspired by apple 👀

Tanmay M
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so we all know how apple creates beautiful and interactive websites which look really good. so I was really inspired by apple and I thought why not just make a personal website that has a similar design but also standout. I have gone for a very clean and minimal look with a choice for user if they want to change the colors, so that it brings more interactivity. here are some things that are on my website * Interactivity * Scroll trigger (plays animation on scroll) * Themes (beautiful 5 pastel colors) * new process section * responsive across all devices I actually never satisfy with how my website looks so I frequently change them 😅, I hope this is the last one my personal website: https://tanmaym.ml old website: https://tanmaywebsite.netlify.app your feedback would be appreciated ⭐️ 👇


Pretty cool! I've looked at hundreds of portfolios/website when interviewing candidates and can definitely say I haven't seen a portfolio like yours. Some notes: - It didn't immediately click to me that I could change the colors or interact with the palette colors. Maybe make these look more like buttons? or have a copy on the button to say 'try clicking me' - idk something like that. - The type all kind of blended in for me - even though there were different sizes, they were all relatively the same line weight. I think bolding up your headers would create more depth and intention in the page. Hope that helps! Let me know if there is anything I can clarify.
Tanmay M
@allison_mui Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely look forward for the changes
Devadutt Agarwal
To be honest, I liked the older one more
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
Omg that's amazing, and you're only 17?? Well done!
Tanmay M
@britt_joiner Thank you for the compliment, yes I'm 17
Jamie Jamie
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Purple Ocean
It looks really nice, Apple products can really inspire everyone to create. BTW, here are some interesting apple reviewswhere people are sharing their impressions about the products of this company.