Teaser Tuesdays | share projects that you’re working on 👇

Tanmay M
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• Share your projects that you are going to launch • some sneak peeks • behind the scenes etc


Tanmay M
I’ll go first Working on Flip Clock 2.0 ✅ Design ✅ Backend ❌ Launch planning https://flipclock.tk
mark acor
Hi! We're getting ready to launch our first product here on PoductHunt TOMORROW! We make Sneak a Squeak, an all-natural supplement that makes your gas odorless. For reals. It's even guaranteed. Watch for our launch tomorrow and feel free to upvote if you think the world could use fewer smelly farts! Thanks! Mark FartPill.com
Andrew Frankspartts
Hello I have built a social media community like Instagram called 'fumigram' it's running on the domain name fumigram.com for animations, artists and other beautiful work of art and have been doing all I can to get it out there but nothing seems to be working out for me. is there any way I can get this community out there? I really advise on how to make this into something useful to people
Tanmay M
@andrew_frankspartts So you are creating a platform for artists, animators etc, So the best way to get users is to promote it where there’s already a community of this, eg: dribble, Twitter etc • Tell them how it’s better than others • what problem you solve • How you help them
Rich Watson
A social trading app for retail trader collaboration. For stocks & crypto traders /thetradehub.net
John Radford
Building out a platform where startups can rate VCs and share their experience. Our goal is to level the playing field when it comes to fund raising. We will be launching on Product Hunt soon
Qudsia Ali
I am working on Tasks (https://www.workhub.ai/products/...) A smart helpdesk ticketing system created exclusively for SaaS-Based and open source business needs.
We're in pre-release testing of our product (BgSub), which uses the newest technology to perform complex AI operations inside the browser!