How you guys plan your day in such a pandemic?

Ravi Gupta
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I never felt such exhausted my all life but because of this pandemic. Normally, my routine before covid follows as - Wakeup at 6:00 AM and get ready for the office by 8:00 AM - Work with your ass off till 5:00 PM - Get home and enjoy a good night's dinner with the family. but after the pandemic, all my routine get disturbed and I hardly get out of my chair. Not only my routine gets disturbed but I am not able to plan things properly. How you are guys handling such a situation?


Maya Ben Zid
Gosh you reminded me of myself back in March! I used to skip meals, get very little sleep, and sit on my laptop from dawn to late night. To be honest with you, it still happens sometimes when I have very urgent tasks or my schedule is packed with deadlines. But it certainly got better when I started working in a virtual office environment, when everyone wraps up work at 6 p.m, they start leaving the office until I find myself working alone so I leave too haha
Ravi Gupta
@maya_ovice I personally think, going office is more productive than work from home, how hard you try.
Khalid Belghiti
I've been working remotely (in co-working and from home) for 3 years... While the covid-19 still impacted me in the personal way (not seeing my family/friends...), it didn't change my work routine much. But yes... You need discipline and setting reminders when you're working from home. You don't need to be at work at 8, but still set an alarm for 7am, get a shower, breakfast and start working at 8. There will be no colleague to ask you to go for lunch... So set a reminder at 12 or 1pm to take a break and go for lunch. Schedule your day in the morning and block your time (task 1, task 2, lunch, task 3..., Sport)... That's the only way that worked for me.
Ravi Gupta
@khalid_b I always amaze when someone says that they managed work life by working from home. It is great if you have mastered it but routine is very difficult to control in first place
Khalid Belghiti
@khalid_b @ravigupta9363 maybe it sounded as everything is smooth in my work from home life... It's still challenging even after 3 years. It's getting definitely better but still tweaking and trying to improve my routines.
Archisman Das
I tried to stay true to my schedule and rhythm I had pre-covid. Have a proper setup for work. The environment you work at plays a significant role in how productive you are. Get up at the same time and put on the same kind of clothes I did when I went to office for work. My schedule is more regimented though with dedicated time for informal catchups wherever possible. Also, I try to be self aware of my own productivity or if I'm feeling burnt out, I take time off
Ravi Gupta
@archisman_das yes environment plays a role. I come from joint family and there finding a alone place to work quietly is itself a big challange for me.
Charlie Flint
Usually in the evening I make a to-do list for the next day and am happy if I do at least half of it.
Ravi Gupta
@ohchacha I too make to-do, but being at home makes me lazy, you eat more food, you sleep more, you even become less concerned about your life. What do you think?
Aleyna Çatak
I'm in the 10th month of the pandemic and I still don't know how to plan my day. All of my meetings, lectures and office hours are remote and I still go with the flow. When I feel that my day is going to be overcrowded I just open Microsoft To Do and add tasks into my day on a daily basis.
Austin Marks
I've been working on my startup since before the pandemic so not much has honestly changed beside not being able to attend meetups. 8-9 am wakeup and read news 10 am start working 2 pm lunch 5 pm 20 minute walk 8:30 pm finish work 9:30 pm dinner 10:00 catch up on more news & social content 11:30 read a book for 30 minutes before sleep I do this Mon-Sat and have 1 day off on Sunday. I do have a roommate so that makes things a lot easier for us but if I didn't I would take a lot more time off and remember to set your limits and adhere to them as best as possible
Ramon Mendez
Up around 5am. Try and be at the gym by 6am. And then back home and at my desk by 9am. Lunch at noon depending on meetings. Break for dinner and then work more till around 9pm-Midnight. Then sleep. So it's pretty normal I think. Very much have gotten used to it. I think I'm more productive since I don't have to drive to an office these days. I feel overall more efficient.