What are the platforms to market a SAAS product?

Ravi Gupta
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As people say, don't get into paid marketing until you started to earn revenue, but the problem is to earn revenue, you need customers and how one can get customers for free without spending a penny. Big Problem.


You'd have to find a community of people that have the problem you are solving. For me personally meetups and in-person meetings have worked much better than any online platform for finding early adopters. Mainly because the early versions of most stuff I worked on couldn't succeed by just being put in the wild and needed constant feedback from people that it was a solving a problem for
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@kpourdeilami thanks for your comment, can you suggest some best places to find communities?
@ravigupta9363 For local meetups, meetup.com is pretty good. I've also had good success with finding relevant discord servers to the stuff I was working on and engaging with people there
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