How would you explain what do you do to your grandparents?

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Really curious to know how you explain your job to your grandparents. I will go first. My job is to tell a computer what to do. I am the king and my computer is my servant. He does exactly what I tell him to do. :)


Shiva Prabhakaran
Write emails on business ideas. Haha.
Erin McCune
Organize your websites and logins, and seamlessly pass them on to your next of kin.
George Boutsalis
Building a platform for people to be honest and authentic
@boutsalis I would to look at that ❤️ pretty ui?
Samantha Merlivat
I help children with reading challenges read better using a machine that understands their individual difficulties very well. Although I have to say, I once asked my grandma what she thought of mobile phones and she was completely unfazed, she said "you know, there were no airplanes when I was a little girl. At my age, you've really seen it all" :D
Nursena İşler
Grandpa, I'm trying to produce something in this world of consumption madness. Sometimes this can be a scientific study, a product, or even just an article!
Jason Knight
I help to make sure that my company solves the most important problems for our users.