How we failed with a waitlist 🤯 (but not really)

Paul Mit
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Hey everybody 🏄‍♂️ 
I want to share our experience and few insights on engaging the community while the product development (we build Aaply). 
 Cool idea We decided to gather a waitlist of people who were potentially interested in the future product and created a landing page with an opportunity to sign up for notification. In 12 months we managed to collect 1130 emails. 👌 Not bad (we thought)! Strategy We assumed that as soon as the basic functionality was ready, we would launch early users from the waitlist into the product. After all, thousands of people seem enough to gather the first feedback. Beta launch Once the product was there, we started sending invites. We tried different hypotheses:    • We sent invites in batches of 40/50 messages.    • Mixing those who just got added to the waitlist (2 days ago) with those who did it 6 months ago.    • Tried different meanings, text, and subjects.    • Sent direct messages for personal contact.    • Sent credentials right away, directly from the platform.    • Tried different email services (Gmail and our domain).    • Wrote on behalf of the founder or the team.    • We have sent follow-ups. The conversion to the response of the first 300 invites was low: approx 20% 😰 Analytics The regular batch of 50 emails:    10 — YES.    03 — errors (email doesn’t exist or smth).    21 — did not open the email (within 48 hours).    16 — opened, but no answer or action. Benchmarks We were VERY SURPRISED when we talked to other teams and learned that a 10%-20% conversion rate from wl to signup is considered decent. If you get more than that, it is ‘amazing’ level. Conclusion For now, we have decided to suspend the mailing of invites. We are fine-tuning the landing, creating content, doing tutorials, etc, to increase final conversion. Interested to hear about your experiences with waitlists and community engagement from different channels. Hope this helpful ✌️


Paul Mit
This is how we promoted the waitlist 😊
what email platform did you use send out emails?
Paul Mit
@gfxbucket we used 3 or 4 diffferent. We also sent a lot of direct emails from Gmail. We used MailTrack so the deliverability of most batches was 100%.
Gaurav Goyal
Paul - Isn't 20% a very good response? Honestly, optimization is a journey and will continue after years of product building also. If you are getting a good response, onboard them and get feedback. You can then use that feedback to optimize. We launched, started getting feedback and then started optimizing on a lot of things.
Paul Mit
@gauravgoyal_gg thank you! To tell the truth I expected smth like 40-50% 😁 But this is not realistic, right. But I fully agree with you, good approach!
Maxwell Davis
Hey thanks for sharing 😀
Paul Mit
@maxwellcdavis I hope our experience will be helpful.
Sushil Sharma
Great insights Paul.
Nik Hazell
Yeah - 20% doesn't sound bad at all to me!