What mobile apps have you created? 📱

Paul Mit
3 replies
Hey, makers 👋 We develop a mobile app design tool and doing research about mobile dev procceses. Tell us about your mobile apps + what was the most difficult part of creating them?


Sofya Narbut
Product Management & Design @ Aaply
Sofia from Aaply here! We will really appreciate your responses, it will help out the product a lot. I myself had some experience with making a banking app, but we were given ready-to-go wireframes done by their backend team. So not much freedom in my app experience, want to hear out crazy startup stories ❤️
Paul Mit
💎 Founder @Aaply, @FlowMapp
Okay, I'll share with you. I once wanted to create another mobile social network, but decided to abandon it at the idea stage after 10 minutes of thinking 😅
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