Your best advice for makers ever? āœØ

Paul Mit
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I thought about what is the one and most important piece of advice that has helped me as a creator? šŸ‘‰ Be patient and be persistent. It had a big effect on me. Don't give up right away, wait for the moment ā€” is the only way to pass the Valley of Death for Saas startups. Can you share the most important insight about what helps you along the way?


Be inspired and creative!
Paul Mit
@ksusha_golovchenko agree, but it's not that easy šŸ˜†
Alex Mazko
I'm driven by a dream
Pavel Kuprin
Try to be more observant. I think a creator is distinguished by his view of things
Paul Mit
@kuprin It also halps to see the variability of solutions, so that you don't get locked into 1 option that you fell in love with. There's always more than one way.
Sonia Kost
Stay true to yourself and work on the value of what you're making āœØ
Paul Mit
I remembered another piece of advice from a wise man: Sleep 40 minutes during the day for better productivity :)
Jerry M Gallegos
Acquire the fundamentals of principals and theories. Pursue your passion for helping others find there skillset to be successful.
Rich Watson
If you don't believe in what your building, then don't do it.
flo merian
Just fu**ing do it
Patience is the key. Don't quit. Work hard consistently and wait for things to happen in their own time.
Nikola Cvetkovic
I think it's most important to find and talk to the right people for your Saas.