How to Plan a Successful Product Launch in PH?

Rukhsar Amjad
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Muhammad Ali
It is essential to know the characteristics of your target audience so that your language, channels, and information is tailored accordingly.
Alex gleen
Understanding your audience's characteristics and behaviors is essential to successful communication.
Rukhsar Amjad
@alex_gleen thank you for your comment. What are the main steps we can implement to achieve our goals?
Hussain Shah
Be aware of your target audience.
Peter agar
To reach your target audience, first define the characteristics of your target audience. Then determine the best media or channel for reaching them (and consider how to reach them mentally as well).
jonny vince
It is vital to know your target audience and target them effectively.
Sophia Emma
To reach the target audience effectively, an advertiser must first understand its members’ backgrounds and lifestyles.
Ali Muhammad
To reach your target audience, you must identify factors affecting their behavior.
Crazy how all the answers are focused on the target audience !!! I wonder, is it better to target a niche instead of your whole potential user base on PH?
@patricia_bsc_kairn Yeah. PH is great, but for a certain product niche. Over here we're mostly founders, so tools catering to our needs fare way better.
I guess what makes a PH launch successful is actually having a product that is attractive to the PH userbase. Lots of people get frustrated when they launch and get *crickets*. But that's just an indication that PH is not their actual audience. Also check out the many resources already available. Here's one: but there are more + community discussions.
Tim Devereux
@stelian_dobrescu1 thanks for sharing the google sheet, seems like a good resource
Rukhsar Amjad
@stelian_dobrescu1 Thanks for your response. Appreciated!
Annie 🦄⚡
I found this retroactive on Neat's Product Hunt launch quite useful to this conversation. They had a launch checklist and talk about their mistakes and results:
Silvi Hambardzumyan
I think Product Hunt launch is kind of a game and chances are 50-50. You never know with which products you will compete that day, and who will the up-voters be. I think that the success also depends on the product itself, cause everyday products are easier to understand, hence they can get more upvotes, comments and of course the attention. But in any case, explain your product as easy as you can, make eye catching icon (logo) and screens. Good luck!
Tim Devereux
I raised a similar discussion last week and received some good advice here:
Hamza Afzal Butt
I think launching on Product Hunt is a bit like a big lottery. You never know which products will be upvoted on the day you launch, or who will be the up-voters. I think that success also depends on the product itself. It's easier to get votes for products people can easily understand, so your icon and descriptions need to be as clear as possible. Good luck!
Fabian Maume
This is my action template: You do not need to do all of it, but the more you cover the higher your chances of a successful launch.
I'm launching a product soon, so thought to see what all people are suggesting. Thanks for asking this.
Nishith from True Sparrow
There are a number of people in the community who have done interesting retrospectives of their launches. You should check those out. Will post the link if I can find it.
Check this collection of 10 articles for preparing Product Hunt Launch (🇵🇰)