How to gain awareness for your product

John Allen
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Hey PH community! My team recently launched a mobile-first app that empowers you to create, share, and discover recorded social audio (Lava). I've been experimenting with different growth hacks to expand our early community such as posting on Instagram, connecting with people on Slack/Discord channels, and direct messaging micro-influencers on Twitter. I plan to use TikTok as an organic & paid channel in the near future & launch on Product Hunt once our app is live on the app store (currently on TestFlight). What are some other strategies for growing the awareness of a new app (especially for the consumer space)?


Gleb Braverman
Usually it's important to get those early adopters - we've been having a blast with them on Gossip. The way we approached it we got initial 1500 emails from our landing page before the launch.
John Allen
@gleb_braverman Oh nice! Did you use pure SEO to get those sign ups or another way to attract people to your landing page?