Who else is launching today?

John Allen
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Share your products! I'd love to see what people from the PH community have been working on.


Jim Morrison
Launched our first thing a few weeks ago twiDAQ ... it's been quite a ride! Lava looks awesome! Easy upVote and will take a proper look later. Best of luck!
Zifa Sadriyeva
Hi Jim, We are launching PayBull income-based pricing software for profit maximisation! https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Subscribe to get your B2B version of PayBull within next 2-3 months! Help us build traction quickly so you can start enjoying PayBull individualised pricing sooner! We have had more than 10,000 visitors to our Twitter account with all PayBull comments staying on top of all comments under tweets, where we commented. We are selling our first tweet here: https://v.cent.co/tweet/14886390... , the value of which is probably already much higher because our first marketing campaign on Twitter was supported by revolutionary people protesting against energy price cap rises! We offered them NFT rights to our tweets - this is PayBull's history!
Very good launch to all! Looking forward to see your projects !!
One month away! Love checking in on all the new stuff here each day though