What are your favorite podcasts?

John Allen
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I'm always on the hunt for new podcasts to enjoy while making breakfast, exploring the city (shout out to Chicago), and working throughout the day. What are some podcasts that are worth highlighting?


John Allen
I'll start! Big fan of... - Darknet Diaries - Acquired - inTheir20s - Just Raised - The Jordan Harbinger Show - The Daily
Maxwell Davis
I like the following: Wannabe Entrepreneur by @tiagorbf Indie Dads by @malcolm_jack and Bryan Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat by @patflynn Community Experience Podcast by the SPI Team
Malcolm Jack
Thanks for the mention @maxwellcdavis :) For me: - Software Social by @mjwhansen & @leenyburger - Indie Hackers by @csallen - Startups for the Rest of Us by @robwalling
Maxwell Davis
@robwalling @malcolm_jack Oooh didn't know about Startups for the Rest of Us - on my listen list :)
Riley Robertson
I'm looking forward to checking out some of these other suggestions! Here are a few of my top picks: - Malicious Life (great show on computer security) - This American Life (excellent storytelling podcast from NPR) - Radiolab (diverse and unique stories usually told in an interesting way) - Comedy Bang Bang (quite silly improv comedy podcast)
Your Undivided Attention Kwik Brain Daily Job Hunt Nocturnal Transmissions
Sini Katariina
The Minimalists podcast AI Today podcast The BossBabe podcast Motivation Daily by Motiversity