How often do you talk to new people?

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I have never consciously tried to network. But I am wondering what it's like for people who do, and how and they do it. Would love some tips!


Nmklop Bnmkl
Not often, but it is really helpful during this time of padmic
The internet feels to me like highschool where each group is already established. Each group thinks they are the cool kids and have some exculsivity. It feels to me like I need to already know someone in a group to have some validation and a chance to get it. I don't know anyone in any tech groups. I'm not trying to critizice, just painting a picture of how it feels to me.
@urvi_patel312 yea, i'm an example of that XD ... I think i prefer it that way for the most part, but i do seek social interactions from time to time. Also it's just good for business.
Urvi Patel
@nidal_ghonaim Where do you connect with professional people socially, apart from product hunt?
@urvi_patel312 University to some extent, but that's basically done now with remote learning and being in my last year.
It's easy you just say hello and share something. Sometimes I do that here: a place where people can talk online.
Rowe Morehouse
I do it all the time, and as much as possible. You never know where the relationship may lead. The worst thing that can happen is that someone may say "no." If you are generally interested in other people, and you genuinely think you may have something of value to offer others, then it's easy. The feeling of "potential rejection" is 100% in your head.
@rowemore Aah yes of course. I am just stuck in this spiral of whether I even have something to offer, you know? I am simply curious about their work and what they do. I am not sure people these days have the mental capacity to talk to strangers.
Rowe Morehouse
@yeshaswini I always talk to strangers! … makes life more interesting and you never know what you might learn.
Urvi Patel
Everyday! I read it recently that, everyone is motivated by one of two things- To make a gain OR avoid a pain. And it is always better to be a human and support both! Say Hello to whom so ever you feel to connect with, explore new people, experience new things, make new mistakes, learn new things, grow, grow and grow... Everyday is a new day. And always remember there is always a first time for everything. Just live in the moment!
@urvi_patel312 That made smile so wide! Thanks for saying that. I will probably take that first step, what's the harm, anyway!
Rich Melany
sometimes especially in GC, as long as they motivate you and not toxic.
Yeasir Arafat Nabid
I like to talk less. Specially when it comes to a new people.
Kate Jonas
Does talking to new people on dating apps count? XD
Lokesh Kaushik
Not very often, I think I don't only.