How often do you keep early-adopters updated?

Jim Morrison
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Big hiya 👋 to any makers who build in public. How often do you update your early adopters on your product development? What kinda things do you share with them? What goes down well?


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I think if I was getting email more than once every fortnight, I'd probably get irritated. I reckon the sweet spot would be somewhere between three and four weeks?
Founder at HeyCharlie 🤖
Cool, thanks Laura. Yeah, the absolute last thing we want to do is annoy people.
Team Manager
As a user I would say that a young product requires more updates, say once a month, whereas a more developed product maybe only once a quarter.
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yup. Had the same question in mind a few months back. I guess you will need to experiment somewhere between weekly to monthly emails. Though also depends on how fast are you able to build an exciting feature that you want to tell your users about. We do once in 4 weeks.