First 3 seconds of engagement - Lander or Experience?

Jim Morrison
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Hey hunters, 👋 We're planning to launch Charlie - our personal news assistant - in a few weeks and we are stuck. 🧠 TL;DR: Where is best to send people? - Lander - pretty standard, quite pretty, explains our mission & approach.. OR - Experience - launch straight into the experience.. starts a conversation with Charlie right away and lets folks dive right in. Does anyone have experience of trying to launch an app by skipping the typical "lander" ...? I'd love to hear from you. What approaches have you tried? What risks are there with going for broke and starting a conversation? There's a very quick example of the two options here on Twitter if it helps:


Francesco Ambrosiano
My answers might sound "boring" but the old school a/b test could be the right solution here. Since you're launching something that is somehow disrupting and at the intersection of existing experiences. Maybe you can also think of a mix. I guess it's important to get some kind of data from your users, so you can give something like 3 interactions before asking for signup. It's a model twitter itself uses or, even better, ask INSIDE the conversation for data from user. I think that knowing your users' preferences is vital to offer the perfect experience. I would be a happy user if I could get all the sports and economics news I'm interested in. And you can learn that in real-time tracking their journey.
Jim Morrison
Thanks @francesco_ambrosiano I love an A/B test - so I completely agree but what worries me is that we're eyeing a PH launch in ~10 days so we need to pick something and stick with it. When you say "a mix" - did you have something like this in mind? .. (forgive the actual design, I just hacked together old bits I could find in Figma 2.0 .. just don't tell @jasonscott! 😅) On early engagement .. would it help to see where we're at? This is how it is currently - super stripped back ...